PMN Face mask
PMN Face mask

PMN Face mask

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Supplied as a kit for self-assembly (Mask body, insert piece to secure paper mask square & elastic)
N.B. single use mask to create filter section not included.
This mask can extend the life of current disposable (single use) n95 face masks by up to 4 times, reducing the amount of precious PPE required to protect staff.
The donor mask is cut into smaller pieces and used in the filter section of our mask.
This can then be removed (prior to sterilisation) and replaced after each use.
The plastic mask parts can then be microwaved to sterilise.
A standard compact microwave, the type most commonly found in household kitchens & workplaces, that produces an output between 500kW and 800 kW on a standard microwave setting will kill the virus after 60 seconds.
Link to video showing how the PPE works: